Cassini and Hubble reveal Saturn’s auroras

This NASA video provides a nice slideshow of ultraviolet and infrared images of auroras at Saturn’s north and south poles. The images were taken by the Cassini spacecraft which is exploring the Saturn system (Cassini is currently on the Solstice mission) and the Hubble Space Telescope. Saturn has long fascinated humans with many historic and religious references – a topic to be explored further in the future.

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Looking at planets of the solar system with an amateur telescope

This video was taken by an amateur astronomer from Breclav in the Czech Republic. It is a nice compilation of amateur pictures, of various planets from the solar system including Juipter, Mars, Saturn and Venus. Also included are pictures of the International Space Stations (ISS), our Sun and Moon. The telescope used was a most likely the 10” Skywatcher Telescope N 250/1200mm.